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Size: Micro    Difficulty: 5.0    Terrain: 1.5
rehobch & Japiejoo
Red Herring Code
The Red Herrings certainly did NOT hide this cache at the posted coords.
This puzzle is a true collaboration between rehobch and Japiejoo, the creator of Geocaching Toolbox, which brings together in one web site many of the great puzzle tools and techniques used by puzzle creators and solvers throughout the world.
It seems that the Red Herrings (those lovable characters who insert themselves into many puzzles for your enjoyment) are always contacting each other about one puzzle or another and how to have more fun by showing up in more puzzles. They have been using many of the tools from Geocaching Toolbox for quite some time. They decided that it was not wise to use email, texts, or even cell phones to contact each other- just too many chances of someone finding out what they are doing. They finally decided that they need their own Red Herring Code and being handsome little devils, what better way to do that than by using some recent "selfies." If you look closely, you'll notice that four of them are squares and two of them are somewhat round. But that surely doesn't mean they are nerds! And of course, they hid a fun puzzle cache for you.
So, what you will find below is their latest and greatest method of hiding puzzle coords- not to mention, making you bang your head into the wall trying to decipher it. And just to prove that they're not EVIL- maybe- they are giving you some of the coords for their cache. But while trying to solve this, don't lose sight of the fact that no matter how many hints they give or how helpful they try to be, they are still RED HERRINGS!
Here is the information that they are willing to share:

N38 41.ABC W75 16.DEF

Here is the part that YOU need to figure out:

Cool Dude Double Trouble Mr. SMiley
Not Him! Sharp Dude Tough Fish
Good luck, have fun, and don't forget- keep the extra strength aspirin close by!
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