Traditional Cache Beukennootjes zoeken (GC565FG) 15 favorites
Size: Micro    Difficulty: 2.0    Terrain: 5.0
The Weltermolen
At the parking coordinates we are immediately right in front of a federal monument (No. 21274), which borders on the park were we are going to look for beechnuts, the Weltermolen (mill of Welten). This mill is one of the most beautiful water mills of The Netherlands. Flanked by the dwelling house and two barns. The mill belonged to the Huis Strijthagen tot Welten, also known as the Huis te Welten, a castle close by. In 1381 the mill is first named as Leen van Valkenburg. The water mill is feeded by the Geleenbeek. More information can be found at weltermolen.nl.

The Weltervijver park
Inbetween the urban environment of Welten, a district of Heerlen, and the highway N281, we find the Weltervijver park. Centrally in the park lays the Weltervijver. The pond is about 140m long and 110m wide and is used by the local fishing club hengelsportvereniging de Rietvoorn.
The park is characterized by the different lawns, where you can encounter the shepherd with his flock of sheep regularly, intersected by walking paths and cycling lanes. The park is surrounded by high trees, in which the mistletoe beautifully silhouettes against the sky, especially in winter.

Searching beechnuts
In one of those high trees we are going to look for beechnuts and, of course, the cache! Once at the location we find three majestic red beeches. One of those giants holds the cache and maybe you encouter someone on the way who can help you searching. Good luck!


About the geocache
• Search only for this geocache during daylight hours.
• Search only for this geocache with proper climbing equipment.
• It is NOT allowed to pull someone up in to the tree. This is very harmful to the tree and this is not intended! Respect nature.
• Logging this geocache is your own responsibility. Please mind your own safety! It is not necessary to log every geocache.
• Pictures of your activities are highly appreciated.
Climbing area

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