Geocaches of Japiejoo
Below an overview of the geocaches I placed. The caches that are placed by a team of which I am a member are also included. Click the name or GC-code to obtain more information of the geocache.
Geocaches of Japiejoo (8)
12-31-2011Traditional CacheSloertsgoedGC393XQOnline
11-11-2009Unknown CacheMichèl, aspirant lid van de Raad van ElfGC1ZXB0Archived
12-30-2011Traditional CacheDe AuvermoermenkesGC39CJKArchived
01-06-2013Traditional CacheHet water van GebrookGC37CP5Archived
04-13-2014Multi-cacheDe EysvogelGC52BTEArchived
12-07-2014Multi-cacheDe verborgen lettersGC5HD4FArchived
05-11-2015Unknown CacheDe 24 uur van GebrookGC5TYKAArchived
06-17-2015Multi-cacheDoor het Caumer- en Geleenbeekdal op de fiets!GC5XNR0Archived
Geocaches as team member (10)
04-03-2013Traditional CacheApenstreken bij het Emma stadionGC48ZWBOnline
04-06-2013Traditional CacheOverspannen?!GC492A6Online
06-09-2014Traditional CacheBeukennootjes zoekenGC565FGOnline
08-09-2014Unknown CacheHet geheim van ridder HoenGC59R5COnline
04-29-2015Traditional CacheDe list van de KrekelbergGC5RJJ8Online
12-09-2016Unknown CacheRed Herring CodeGC6XB1ZOnline
01-15-2013Traditional CacheBoven het bekkenGC444A8Archived
08-31-2013Event CacheGebrooker TB Race 2013GC4JQWNArchived
06-06-2014Multi-cacheHoeve De AarGC55TBMArchived
02-19-2015Multi-cacheDe peilbuisGC5N2DJArchived

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