Event Cache Gebrooker TB Race 2013 (GC4JQWN)
Size: Unknown    Difficulty: 1.0    Terrain: 1.0
Gebrooker event team

Gebrooker TB Race 2013


The race

During the Gebrooker TB Race 2013 TB's from Gebrook (Hoensbroek) were competing for the victory.
All TB's were collected and visited the MEGA-EVENT "Projekt Twentythirteen!" (GC3Q8DH) in Austria as the startpoint of the race. Next they were dropped at 06-02-2013 in P13#1839 TB Hotel Steyr-Ost (GC4BEDR).
The goal of the race was simple. The first TB which was fysically in a cache within the borders of Gebrook would win the race! The race can be followed through the racesite.
Gebrooker TB Race TB

We have a winner!

pa gebrook has won the Gebrooker TB Race with Gebrooker TB-Race: Pa Gebrook (TB4DHZC)! After 19 logs, 7 caches and 72 days, the TB was back in Gebrook! He was dropt at 08-11-2013 in the cache natte voeten (GC4D64M).
pa gebrook congratulations with the victory!

The event

To give the winner his award, we organise this event at Saturday August 31, 2013. Everybody is invited to congratulate the winner!
The event takes place at the parking of the Gebrookhoes, currently known as Kasteel Hoensbroek, between noon and 2pm.

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