Traditional Cache Boven het bekken (GC444A8)
Size: Regular    Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 5.0

Above the basin
The geocache is placed on a location with a nice view over one of the basins of the Caumerbeek.
The Caumerbeek is a side stream of the Geleenbeek and originates at the former mill Bovenste Caumer in Heerlerbaan and has a length of 11 km. In 1972 they encapsulated the stream to flow under the ground. In 2011 they started to remove the concrete structure to show the flow of the stream again.

About the geocache
• Search only for this geocache during daylight hours.
• Search only for this geocache with proper climbing equipment.
• It is NOT allowed to pull someone up in to the tree. This is very harmful to the tree and this is not intended! Respect nature.
• Logging this geocache is your own responsibility. Please mind your own safety! It is not necessary to log every geocache.
• Pictures of your activities are highly appreciated.

Climbing area

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