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Geocaching is a treasure hunting game played by adventurers with a GPS system. The idea behind geocaching is to find hidden boxes, called geocaches, and share your experience online. In this way you are able to discover beautiful, fun or special places, where you normally won't come. Geocaching.com is the biggest website and everyone can become a member.
More information on geocaching can be found at my other website: GeocachingToolbox.com. Take a look, because you can not only find a better explanation, but a lot more. Lots of tools to make or find geocaches. Think of coordinate notations and conversions, distance measurements and projections, but also encryption methods and a lot more.
At this website you can find more about geocaches found by me, my pictures and my own geocaches and trackables.
I found my first geocache at September 25, 2009. The full overview is shown at the statistics page. At this moment I found 3908 geocaches in 15 different countries and placed 18 geocaches (by myself or as a team member).

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