Webcam Cache Lichtspiele (GCBCFF)
Gevonden als nummer:3215
Provincie / staat:Nordrhein-Westfalen
Geplaatst op:02-01-2003
Gevonden op:14-11-2017 om 18:20
Hoogte:40 m
Afstand:60.83 km
Found log:Webcam Photo Taken 14-11-2017 (GLTMJGY7)
There was one gap in my statistics which I really wanted to fill. The only hidden month in 2003 was January and was still open. I performed a search for caches from this month and your and concluded there where only six within a 100km radius. Hmmm... that's not much. The second closest was the webcam and luckily an opportunity came up. I had to go to the Messe in Düsseldorf for work and this webcam cache was only a 20 minute detour. It was already dark when I arrived, so it was not easy to find a good spot to get me visibile in the picture. It was also quite annoying that the cam was rotating, but once I figured out the routine I managed to get on the cam, twice! Thanks for this nice old webcam cache! TFTC

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