Virtual Cache Stone Face (GC4D7A)
Gevonden als nummer:1126
Land:Verenigde staten
Provincie / staat:New York
Geplaatst op:12-04-2002
Gevonden op:01-11-2012 om 10:50
Hoogte:41 m
Afstand:5860.72 km
Found log:Found it 01-11-2012 (GL9QQ7Y3)
On our trip to New York, for visiting the marathon, we also found some time for caching.
On our first day in New York we decided to visit the Guggenheim museum, as it was at the top of our must-do list. While going there I noticed this virtual cache right on the route. So we had a short break for counting some faces, at least, that's what I expected. The break needed to be a little longer since the number of faces seemed infinite . We managed to do it however!
Thanks for this virtual, my first cache in New York, and we visited this national treasure later on during our stay, beautiful collection!

Ow, by the way, nobody told us the Guggenheim was closed on Thursdays! Next time we have to prepare better .

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