Traditional Cache For the Benefit of Mr. Kite (GC3TXRE)
Gevonden als nummer:1035
Eigenaar:Journey Paws SDCA
Land:Verenigde staten
Provincie / staat:California
Geplaatst op:18-08-2012
Gevonden op:28-08-2012 om 17:22
Hoogte:10 m
Afstand:9030.88 km
Found log:Found it 28-08-2012 (GL98KM9C)
I'm a week in San Diego for a conference and found some spare time to find some caches.
Right after the conference I went for a walk along the water. This cache was close and I found the pedestrian accessway pretty quick. The cache took me a little longer, mostly because the staff entrance of the hotel was pretty busy and a lot of others were passing by as well. When I finally spotted the cache I took it to a safe place to log and then quickly returned it to the spot. Nice hide!

TFTC from The Netherlands

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