Traditional Cache Monkey's Lament (GC23C94)
Gevonden als nummer:1136
Eigenaar:GeoMiss adopted by the Ferreteers
Land:Verenigde staten
Provincie / staat:New York
Geplaatst op:26-01-2010
Gevonden op:04-11-2012 om 11:05
Afstand:5862.32 km
Found log:Found it 04-11-2012 (GL9QQD3D)
On our trip to New York, for visiting the marathon, we also found some time for caching.
Today would have been the day of the marathon, but as we all know, it got cancelled due to Sandy. Too bad indeed, but very understandable as well! However today was still very busy with runners in Central Park and we decided to walk a bit around and watch the crowd. Of course with a little caching in between.
When we arrived at the location someone was enjoying the view from the exact cache location. Fortunately he was not staying long, so shortly after he left I had the cache in my hands. Wrote down the date, time and my name and put it back. To keep track of my finds I took out my phone and started typing the GCcode and the time, but wait, why did I just write down 12:05, while my phone is telling me it's only 11:05. It took some time for me to unravel the mystery, but I finally got it, daylight saving time ended this night! I didn't know, since in The Netherlands it already happened a week ago! So my phone adjusted automatically, my watch didn't . I didn't care to change the time in the log however.

Fotos:Central Park schaatsbaan Eten in het zonnetje Rode kardinaal

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