Traditional Cache Everlasting Cache with a View (GC1CFZJ)
Gevonden als nummer:1084
Eigenaar:EMC of Northridge, CA adopted by Lightningstar
Land:Verenigde staten
Provincie / staat:California
Geplaatst op:19-05-2008
Gevonden op:05-09-2012 om 11:58
Hoogte:555 m
Afstand:8967.05 km
Found log:Found it 05-09-2012 (GL990XD0)
After a busy conference week in San Diego I had some time off to enjoy California, visiting Palm Springs, LA and La Jolla.
Today we wanted to enjoy the outdoors after all the city visiting. Together with Sofphie I went to Toponga State Park to pay a visit to Eagle Rock. We didn't see any eagles, but we encountered one deer and saw numerous birds and lizards. The views were beautiful and we enjoyed every part of the trail.

TFTC from The Netherlands

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