Traditional Cache Gotteshäuser: Schümmer Kapelle (GC1C40M)
Gevonden als nummer:1142
Eigenaar:Christian und die Wutze
Provincie / staat:Nordrhein-Westfalen
Geplaatst op:10-05-2008
Gevonden op:16-11-2012 om 16:13
Hoogte:74 m
Afstand:11.90 km
Found log:Found it 16-11-2012 (GL9REHKW)
For today I had an appointment with RoCaMiRo to do a T5 cache. It was already 3 weeks ago since the last one, so it really needed to be done . This tree was the closest so we got all our equipment and took off.
Once at the tree the cache was immediately visible and we started preparing our self. The rope throwing was a bit tricky, since the rope kept ending up in more branches than we planned to, so finally we decided to make a two step approach. Climb a little lower, throw the line again from up there and install the rope again at the correct location. This worked perfectly.
While doing this, a car stopped in front of the chapel and a cacher appeared. He looked at us and said, "ow, it's this kind of a cache, I'm not prepared for this....". We talked a bit and he took off again.
The view from the cache was really nice, with the sunset and the fog above the land!

Fotos:De cache Het uitzicht

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