Traditional Cache Snug as a Bug in Central Park (GC12F8M)
Gevonden als nummer:1135
Land:Verenigde staten
Provincie / staat:New York
Geplaatst op:27-04-2007
Gevonden op:04-11-2012 om 10:45
Hoogte:29 m
Afstand:5862.51 km
Found log:Found it 04-11-2012 (GL9QQC71)
On our trip to New York, for visiting the marathon, we also found some time for caching.
Today would have been the day of the marathon, but as we all know, it got cancelled due to Sandy. Too bad indeed, but very understandable as well! However today was still very busy with runners in Central Park and we decided to walk a bit around and watch the crowd. Of course with a little caching in between.
Here it took me some time to find out where the cache location was, rocks everywhere and my phone had some reception problems, so I decided to take out my 60CSx, which was point accurate and lead me perfectly to the cache.


Out: coin

Fotos:Drukte in Central Park

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