Trackables of Japiejoo
Trackables are items with a unique code and travel from cache to cache. They will be picked up by cachers from a geocache en this is reported in the website through the unique code of the item. Then they they will be taken to the next cache and left in the cache. This is also reported online. In this way they travel around the globe and collect geocaching stories along their journey. Below an overview of my trackables.
Trackables of Japiejoo (18)
DateTypeNameTB-codeStatus# LogsDistance
11-11-2009Travel Bug Dog TagDr Lachende E√ęzelTB2T50FMissing1068124.93 km
05-12-2010Traveling Cacher GeopatchJapiejoos geopatchTB3NC03With Japiejoo109 
07-01-2011Travel Bug Dog TagAuto, Vliegtuug, de T de BTB3R9MFWith Japiejoo133 
10-01-2011Travel Bug Dog TagGeocacher photo collectorTB2T505Missing2076350.16 km
16-09-2011Found it! Micro GeocoinFind it! Move it!TB4ENNTTravelling36048966.21 km
23-02-2012di li cang bao GeocoinDi li cang baoTB2XKT4Travelling42070446.73 km
23-02-2012Explorer Tag - JeremyJeremy - Explorer tagTB4GQEWTravelling38119927.61 km
25-03-2012Chinese Dragon GeocoinChinese DraakTB454DFMissing1119582.69 km
11-04-2012Travel Bug Origins - NederlandNederlandTB4DJDCTravelling6826263.07 km
08-09-2012Congratulations GeocoinJapiejoos 1000steTB518DNWith Japiejoo4 
31-10-2012Travel Bug Dog TagWooden running shoesTB4JJYVTravelling6113608.78 km
22-05-2013Travel Bug Origins - NederlandGebrooker TB RacerTB4DJ00Travelling38217083.64 km
26-06-2013Raine Joker TagRaine Joker TagTB4M0T6With Japiejoo2 
01-08-2013Hide It, Find It, Log It TagHide It, Find It, Log It TagTB5MMFNWith Japiejoo1 
05-12-2014Dutch Geocoin 2014GuldenTB706H2Travelling72.74 km
01-01-2015Travel Bug Dog TagGeocachingToolbox.comTB6CHPRWith Japiejoo44 
27-09-2015Bryan 2014 TagBryan 2014 TagTB7HZ0AWith Japiejoo0 
27-03-2016Kenya Connect Safari TagKenya Connect Safari TagTB79B71With Japiejoo0 

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