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3022AvailableTraditional CacheHeuvellandlijn Station HEERLEN (GC6D7QP)Netherlands08-15-201612:364.51 km
399ArchivedTraditional CacheOldest churches in Gdynia pt.1 (GC2CD0W)Poland08-15-201117:19940.72 km
398ArchivedTraditional CacheKuba's Cache (GC2TM0T)Poland08-15-201114:28939.62 km
397ArchivedEarthcacheSOLANKA/BRINE (GC1D3A3)Poland08-15-201113:58939.75 km
146AvailableTraditional CacheNAPOLEON’S SECRETS #3: AQUA DI VITA (GC1ERMP)Italy08-15-201013:57960.29 km
145AvailableTraditional CacheNAPOLEON’S SECRETS #2: ESTÀTE (GC1EQN4)Italy08-15-201013:15962.82 km
144DisabledTraditional CacheNAPOLEON'S SECRETS #1: INVÈRNO (GC1EQ3M)Italy08-15-201012:34960.86 km
*The locations on this map are an approximation of the real locations

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