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2096ArchivedMulti-cacheDe Bokkenrijders II - Gespuis op de Wintraeck (GC4532M)Netherlands12-13-201420:056.32 km
1635ArchivedTraditional CacheBrücke vom Adolfosee (GC1XAYC)Germany12-13-201314:3421.79 km
1634ArchivedTraditional CacheBirgelener Marktplatzcache (GC1FZXF)Germany12-13-201314:2227.25 km
1633AvailableTraditional CacheBaum-Count-Down 09 (GC2EW1R)Germany12-13-201313:3426.16 km
1632ArchivedTraditional CacheBaum-Count-Down 18: Die Pappel (GC2EPV5)Germany12-13-201312:3026.15 km
1631AvailableTraditional CacheFlying High (GC1C8EM)Germany12-13-201311:2022.07 km
1630ArchivedUnknown CacheDanger High Voltage - Bonus (GC2607A)Germany12-13-201310:4019.72 km
*The locations on this map are an approximation of the real locations

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